Safety Tools

Industries We Supply

The use of Spark Resistant or Non Sparking hand tools is not limited just to the Offshore Oil and Gas industry. Many modern industrial processes now require the use of Spark Resistant tools either during production or when carrying out routine maintenance. Other industries include refineries, breweries and distilleries, explosives and pyrotechnics, natural gas plants, nuclear industry, paint and varnish manufactures, pharmaceuticals, power generation plants for use in areas where hydrogen is present and the water supply industry for use in areas where methane gas is present.

Wherever undesirable sparks are to be avoided, spark resistant hand tools offer an effective and economical way of protecting operatives and expensive plant and equipment from the risk of fire and explosions.

Spark Resistant & Non Sparking Tools

Safety Tools supply a comprehensive range of intrinsically safe Spark Resistant hand tools for use in all ATEX category zones. Sometimes referred to as Non Sparking or Non Spark tools, they are designed for use in hazardous and potentially explosive areas where sparks could ignite volatile materials, chemicals or gases.

Spark Resistant or Non Sparking tools are available in Beryllium Copper, Aluminium Bronze and for more specific applications such as wire brushes Phosphor Bronze is also used. Due to their special composition, these tools also exhibit excellent resistance to corrosion in chemical, acidic, alkaline and atmospheric conditions that can compromise the performance of steel or iron based tools.

Non Magnetic Tools

Beryllium Copper also exhibits excellent non-magnetic qualities and can be used in areas where eddy currents and magnetic fields can interfere with today’s sophisticated instrumentation. Beryllium Copper tools are used in Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) toolkits when dealing with unexploded bombs and devices.

Non-Magnetic tools made from Titanium are also available. Not only are they lighter than conventional tools but also harder wearing than copper based non-magnetic tools.
Titanium tools are ideal for service engineers working regularly on magnetic resonance scanning equipment and also equipment in the nuclear industry.

Insulated Tools

Also available is a large range of insulated tools designed and tested to meet the requirements of IEC 60900:2004 for 1,000 volt safe working on live line electrical equipment.

Stainless Steel Tools

A range of Stainless Steel tools has recently been introduced for use in the food industry, marine environments and for use with Stainless Steel fixtures and fittings.